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October 4-5, 2018

Crossroads IUB is a celebration of how the arts and humanities catalyze science in support of environmental sustainability. The two-day event included an evening performance of "Rising Tide: The Crossroads Project," at the IU Cinema, a special Crossroads First Thursdays festival at the Fine Arts Plaza, and a day-long Symposium with lectures, a workshop, and a panel discussion. This Crossroads IUB website now serves as a resource for those interested in addressing global sustainability and providing a path toward meaningful response, right here in Indiana. Crossroads IUB is presented by the Integrated Program in the Environment, Environmental Resilience Institute, Jacobs School of Music, Arts and Humanities Council, and IU Cinema.  The event was made possible through a New Frontiers grant from IU's Office of the Vice President for Research.



Rising Tide: The Crossroads Project is an acclaimed live performance that fuses original music with art, imagery, and science to motivate sustainable action in the face of climate change.  The performance features physicist Rob Davies’ spoken word focused on the science of our existence on planet Earth, the musical performance of the Fry String Quartet anchored by a new work by composer Laura Kaminsky and movements from the great masters, as well as the projected images of painter Rebecca Allen and photographer Garth Lenz.  Following the performance, a Q&A session engaged performers and IU experts to answer questions and address action steps for sustainability. 

Description of the video:

It’s performance art but also performance science. Human civilization is enveloped by the earth. Systems of food, energy, economy immersed in soil, water, climate, life. Life and environment interacting. Interdependent, inseparable. It’s a theater piece that has a bit of science in it, it has a lot of music in it and it has a whole lot of humanity.

Whole ecosystems can be driven to collapse. Five times the fossils tell us. Each time triggered by rapid environmental change. These things we know about our planet, and ourselves through physics, chemistry, biology, ecology. And the time has come for us to believe what we know.

Even if you have people in the audience who are skeptical about climate change it is presented here in such a way that it doesn’t put people on the defensive. Earth’s bios envelops and sustains us. The carbon dioxide I exhale, taken up by my fichus. Involving the audience is incredibly powerful. It’s that interaction with the audience that is the seminal part of this performance that makes me want to keep coming back. Rising from system earth is system us. If everyone consumed the way we do, we would need four planets to sustain us.

Right now is the time for transformation. Believe what we know. Embrace what we know. I felt uplifted, I felt like you know even the smalls things I could do or choose to do might actually make a difference.

Living with a mindset of applied hope, we pick something and make it ours with genuine commitment. We won’t be alone. Exponential growth in action. Everything is small until it’s not. Pick something and make it yours.

Crossroads First Thursdays

First Thursdays is a monthly festival showcasing the diversity of arts and humanities on campus and throughout the Bloomington community. On the first Thursday of each warm-weather month, the Council and its friends join together in the Fine Arts Plaza (right in front of the IU Auditorium) for an evening of performances, hands-on creative activities, community-building, great food, and fun!

The Crossroads First Thursdays festival included:

  • Advocacy Row, featuring campus organizations, Bloomington nonprofits, and student clubs.
  • Musical guest Malcolm Daglish and the Ooolites.
  • Activities highlighting place-based intersections of arts, humanities, and science on campus.

Crossroads Symposium

The Crossroads Symposium brought together Crossroads performers, IU experts, and Bloomington community members to share and create innovative projects inspiring sustainable behavior change.  Attendees heard from keynote speakers and engaged with a panel of Crossroads performers and creators.  In addition, the Symposium included an opportunity to workshop innovative proposals with experts spanning diverse disciplines.  

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